Management Team

Savoyards is governed by an elected team of volunteers, supported by many others managing our operations and assisting us to maintain our reputation for professionalism in the Brisbane community theatre scene.

Contact the team at committee@savoyards.com.au


2021 Committee

Geoffrey Secomb (President)

position vacant (Secretary)

Janet Raymond (Treasurer)

~ General Committee ~

Kaye Nutley, Carlie McEachern, Walter Lago. Serena Altea,

Christopher Fox, Johanna Toia


Email admin@savoyards.com.au for assistance


Direct Deposit using your name as reference.

BSB: 064 133

ACC: 0090 1169

Financial Membership

$20/calendar year

As a community based, volunteer organisation, Savoyards is extremely grateful to the many people who are part of our company. Become a Financial Member of Savoyards ($20/year) and help us to continue providing community theatre opportunities to as many people as possible.

As a financial member, you are able to vote at our Annual General Meeting, serve on the governance team and have a say in our future.

Life Members

Savoyards is extremely grateful for the enormous service given by our Life Members.

Jan Ashworth, Thea Gray, Jan Hennessy (Nixon), Barry Henzell, Allan Nutley, Kaye Nutley, Keith Nutley, Bryan Phillips, John Rae, Peter Rabe, John Rae, Alec Raymond, Janet Raymond, Coral Readshaw, Geoffrey Secomb, Sherryl-Lee Secomb, Johanna Toia, Isobelle Tomkins.

In Memoriam

​George Daniels, ​Jim Foley, Olwyn Foley, Ada Groenhart, Arthur Hall, Rosemary Hall, Betty Hill, Bill Whitter, Allan Jeffries, Jess Jeffries, Gae Mullen (McEachern), Margaret Gibbs,

Reg Nutley, Doris Nutley, Geoff Arnell, Gil Wright, Ness Wright, Ed Scott, Margaret Scott,

Jim Tomkins, Marie Walsh, Alan Nuttall.

Performance Fee

$50 per show

If you are cast in a Savoyards show, you will be required to pay a Performance Fee.  This contributes (a little) to some of the costs of producing a large scale production.  $50 is payable when you are offered a place in the cast and $20 of that is refunded to you when costumes and scripts are returned in good order at the end of the season.


This payment is made by EFTPOS at your first rehearsal.