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The cast of 42nd Street is here.

We're excited to announce the cast of 42ND STREET.

PEGGY SAWYER - Kirsten Brown

DOROTHY BROCK - Carolyn Latter

JULIAN MARSH - Christopher Thomas

BILLY LAWLOR - Mackinlay Carr

MAGGIE JONES - Miranda Selwood

BERT BARRY - Warryn James

ANN REILLY - Katyia Wills

ABNER DILLON - Andrew West

PAT DENNING - Evan Poschinger

ANDY LEE - James Rogers

MAC - Kylah Davis

PHYLLIS DALE - Stephanie Lee-Steere

LORRAINE - Bella Cox


Alanah Giles, Alex Holmes, Amelia Robertson, brooke Lane, Daniela Clever, Darcy Rose, Emily George, Emma Boersen, Jacob Ewan, Jaydene Alesana, Kaitlin Hague, Kayleigh Bancroft, Kristan Ford, Maree Butterworth, Matthew Buttler, Melanie Southall, Miranda James, Naomi Capon, Natalie Lennox, Patrick Davis, Reagan Lovett, Tatijana Wills, Wallis Nersesian.

Come and meet these dancing feet when 42ND STREET opens at the Iona Performing Arts Centre, Wynnum West, from June 24. Tickets on sale May 16.

42ND STREET will sell fast so if you want to get in before the crowds, make sure you're signed up to our email list. We'll then send you a secret ticketing link 36 hours before they're released to the public. Go to savoyards.com.au to sign up today.


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